How to: Upgrading Unifi Controller on CentOS

Credit :

This is a follow on how to for my installing UniFi controller on CentOS guide found here:

This guide will be used to upgrade your UniFi controller to the latest version.

7 Steps total
Step 1: Take a backup of your UniFi Configuration
tar –zcvf /root/backup.tar.gz /opt/UniFi/data

Step 2: Stop the Unifi Service
service unifi stop

Step 3: Download the Latest version (currently 4.8.18)
wget (obviously this is subject to change as newer versions come out)

Step 4: Unzipping the package
unzip -qo /root/ -d /opt
chown -R ubnt:ubnt /opt/UniFi

Step 5: Restore the configuration from the backup made at the start.
tar -xzvf backup.tar.gz -C /opt/UniFi/data/

Step 6: Start the UniFi service
service unifi start

Step 7: cleanup (optional)
rm /root/

Once all of the above has been done. you can verify the update has taken by logging into the unifi controller, and checking the maintenance section under the settings window.

Found on Spiceworks:

  1. Stop Service:
    1. systemctl stop unifi.service
  2. Download latest software:
    1. cd /usr/src
    2. wget <download URL>
  3. Extract UniFi Video software:
    1. unzip -d /opt/
  4. Start Service:
    1. systemctl start unifi.service


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